Friday, March 24, 2017

Daisy told big brother that mother was making fun of his pecker probably not the size but

so he clocked her in the south you never close your fist on a woman you slap 'em around

which is frowned upon too

you've risen from shitheel to thug

don hit her in the eye mother brought out the worst in people

yours truly

from pain


blacked her eye

she went to miami to say with the rooming house

black eye went away

everybody had a value and the value was making her happy

know arg start try to steer away from arg no hot buttons always one guard fixing cleaning
usijngually failing pre inez blowup feeling it's their fault

if we build somehow or other make m preprpeutally happy we'd have inivana we'd died and gone to heaven own beach
when don is drafted we hauled ass summer of 41 to KY


we'd run across the street to Hirschmans to buy comic books

charlie wilsona nd grandmother everything went south they broke up the partnership she went to miami rooming house
and mother browbeat your uncle marion into giving up jr year to go down there i was left there and everything keep going down down down when charlie took off and we

Without warning or explanation, your uncle marion climbed up the eastern side of the Hotel Walton. The side to the west faced the street and Walgreens drug store and the Florist's shop, and would have attracted more attention,

He accomplished this feat by stepping on a window sill, grabbing the top of the window, then standing on the sash divined the glass, , whereupon he grabbed the oh what the hell do you call it -- window legend immediately above, thereby pulling himself upon again, thereby repeating the process until he had finally reached the roof.

I saw him begin the process through the window by the ice machine and ran out to witness him complete his exertions. I avoided shouting, on the remote chance I might have broken his concentration and caused him to lose his grip. Superman was several decades in the future. from a contemporary perspective, that's the closest comparison.

Hi act remained bun wittessed by your Grandmother (thoroughly antesthizied by a night of heavy drinking) and Papa Don (Catching up on his sleep in the precious interlude of peace and quiet.)

Watching him haul his skin behind over the roof scared the living bejesus out of me, but he was successful. I thereupon ran back inside th hotel and proceeded up the stairs, though I had no immediate means of reaching the roof from inside the hotel, as the door was locked and the key hidden from childish fingers.

But uncle marion had either found it or picked the lock.

The sun made me squint as I ran out. He was smiling though not overly prideful or triumphant. Yep, I climbed the hotel. what's for supper.

Why in cotton picking hell did you do that.

He thought a second.

What if the hotel was a cliff. What if a german officer showed up with a luger and started searching sdformmme. I got st49 seconds to scale the top of the cliff before he sees me. Could i do it.

The windows are easy. Next time

Next time??

I'm going straight up the wall.

He pointed out that the hotel's wall wasn't sheer. There were stubby protrousions for some aesthetic motive i the architect's mind. Seemed more quant, or what have you.

I still don't understand how he avoided kicking through the glass when he stood on the sash. Or how that sorry ass strip wood held his weight. Or why in the hell he assumed it would.

He did, a short time later, scale a windowless portion of the wall. Your Grandmother was drunk on that day as well. I met him on the roof again.

You rally shouldn't do that.

Do hat.

climb the hotel, that's like a human fly,that's what.

Why not?

You could fall

I'm not going to fall.

Well ... Ma-Maw ould see you ! You 'd scare the living today lights out other.

He smiled.

I sear at that precise moment I saw invisible horns growing out of his forehead.

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