Saturday, March 25, 2017

Holy, holy

The Baptist Church was right next door. They sang loudly and out of tune accompanied by an organ that sounded like a train pulling into at the station.  Our restaurant was doing OK, but we never took off, because we have had a liquor license. The Baptists imagined legions of drunks would emerge, throw up on their lawn and and darken their door. According to your uncle marion, the Anabaptists also coveted our corner lot.
The Fugates were methodists. Uncle Marion explained we resembled Episcopalians with smaller bank accounts who worked for living. I asked about the distinction between Methodists and baptists. He explained the methodist were a inventional father, so infants got sprinkled;l baptists saw the sacrement as a free will choice, hence adults were dunked of if bt choice
how do you now all this stuff.
He shrugged.
Is Ma-Ma going to hell
it's not for me to say
You can say.
No IU can't. Judge not lest ye be judged. I'm not makgiint hat up. It's in the book.
If I say "You're going to hell.,"
 that's like a judge banging a gavel. I just judged know. But only God's allowed to do that. I can say this or that is a sin. Stop doing this or that or your headed for the lake of fire. But I can't say you're a sinner.

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